Teton County PLI Concludes

Dear AMPL community,
It’s hard to explain the feeling of relief that I’m sure you are sharing with me after Tuesday's WPLI outcome.  As you know, we embarked on this journey two years ago with the primary objective of making sure the mechanized and motorized recreation community had a voice with respect to responsible recreation on our public lands.  Tuesday's decision by the Teton County Board of County Commissioners voting 5-0 against a proposal which would have resulted in a loss of over 30% of the limited public lands open to us shows that you were heard and that you are a valued member of the community. 
I’m also really proud of the fact that once again we were respectful of differing opinions in a setting where we clearly outnumbered the opposition 5-1.  I think that in itself speaks volumes for mountain bikers, snowmobilers and dirt bikers.  All AMPL asks of you in return is to continue to be good stewards of the land for ours and future generations! 

Jesse Combs
Advocates for Multi-Use of Public Lands

Tana HoffmanWPLI