Dedicated to the preservation of public lands for the benefit of, and the multi-use by, our region's diverse recreational communities.



What we stand for


Protecting Access

AMPL is dedicated to protecting public land access for responsible, multi-use recreation.

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Multi-Use Etiquette

AMPL recognizes the importance of trail and backcountry multi-use etiquette.

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Land Stewardship

AMPL is dedicated to cultivating a recreation community that values and protects the land we love to enjoy.

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Community Development

We believe bringing all user groups together is a key tool in maintaining recreational access.

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Protecting access for future generations.

AMPL provides a unified voice for recreationists who value responsible use and the future of our heritage and family traditions in outdoor recreation.


Annual Report

Dedicated to recreation.

Over the past year, AMPL has been dedicated to working with our partners to support the responsible recreational use of public lands, engaging with conservationists, federal agencies, and local stakeholders to steward public lands for the benefit of the public, and much more.